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SharePoint Office 365 Flow Development in Medway

We are the first to admit that Microsoft have made things very confusing when it comes to automating processes. There are so many options available to shoehorn automation in to your site. 2007 Workflow, 2010 Workflows, Azure workflows, Custom code, SharePoint designer workflows...and then there is Flow.

The challenge for anybody developing workflows for an office 365 / SharePoint online solution is to know where to start. This knowledge comes from a deep understanding of where the boundaries lie for the other technologies and this is learned by rinse and repeat. We have been at this for a while now so we know where we can use flow and why we should use flow - not just because its great (which it is).

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Why Flow?

SharePoint can be used as only a static document repository, and all too often is, but it can do much more when processes are automated with FLOW. Do more with Less!

Stake Holders Engagement

No, flow does not provide you with a "Do my job for me" button but with flow helping to automate all of those annoying little processes that get missed, forgotten about or just not done - let Flow help do your job for you!

Flow Specialists

Yes of course you can take a course and learn how to do flow for yourself - we would encourage that, but until the time arrives when you have the skill, let us help you and get some stuff done!

Flow and Power Apps

Before you know it you will be one level up with Flow either using us to get through the work or doing it for yourself, either way the next level is to couple flow with PowerApps - now that’s a SharePoint/office 365 automation solution!

We can't give you or users the famous "let me do the job for you" button, but with flow we can get close. The biggest challenge facing companies these days is how do they get their users to engage with the new solutions. How to bring about organisational change. Bringing about organisational change is easy if the change is less effort than the original task. We help organisations map processes and find the small marginal changes that Flow can facilitate. Suddenly Office 365 / SharePoint online takes on a new meaning – it is no longer just for storing stuff, it does stuff.

Get in touch today to find out more about our Office 365 Flow Development services.

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